MY WORLD: Geoff Harding the Body Builder.

Geoff: All buffed up and ready to go

Geoff Harding was recently awarded the title of Over 70s Body Building World Champion of 2018 and is proud to be able to keep this title for life. Geoff was working at Marks and Spencer’s and was previously a mountain climber until he decided to do something a little less dangerous. He enjoyed visiting the gym so decided to go to the gym more and enter a world-wide competition. 

My Nana is one of Geoffrey’s closest friends and that is how I got to know him. During a brief interview, he told me all about the training he had to endure and the dietary requirements that he needed to take on to achieve the title of Body Building champion over 70s. For many months he trained in the gym for hours, many times a week, visiting a number of different gyms where he made many friends and acquaintances ahead of the first competition. He often had to have lighter meals and to snack on very sugary, carbohydrate filled snacks. The first few days before the competition he scarcely ate, just taking in water, a yogurt in the morning and a very small tuna portion. But on the day of every competition he ate meals that were very high in carbohydrates which, done occasionally, is very healthy as well as making his body look quite fine for the competition. The first competition was the Northern England competition where he achieved 1st place.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of body building: it is where people train in the gym to make themselves look strong, and the strongest looking is made the winner. Most body builders usually go to a tanning salon to prepare. However, this is not the only type of body building; there is also another type where people use steroid drugs to buff themselves up. However, Geoff’s tournament was natural. He says, “Steroids are the dark side of body building.”

The next competition was the Great Britain competition where he came second, missing top place by just one (some say biased) vote. However, he had done well enough to take a trip to Miami to compete in the spectacular world cup! On the eve of the competition he ate lots of protein to keep his strengths up and went straight to the tanning salon. The next day, the day of the competition itself, he left the building clutching the first-place trophy in the shape of a man stretching victoriously. He describes the moment as “euphoric.” Geoff had won the ultimate prize, one that he had aspired to for months.

Geoff has now moved on to kick-boxing. Hopefully for him, my Nana and us all, he will achieve similar successes in this new field.

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