Mobile Telephones – Acceptable use policy. 

Urmston Grammar

Mobile electronic devices – Acceptable use policy.

Last Reviewed: July 2017 Review Date: July 2018

  • All students must have mobile devices switched off during lessons, registration periods and assemblies.
  • KS3 students are NOT ALLOWED to use their mobile devices in school at any time, except with the express permission of their teacher(s).
  • KS3 students MUST place their mobile devices in lockers by 8:25 am; they should not collect them until after the final bell at 3:20 Monday -Thursday and 3:05 on Friday.
  • Mobile devices should not be visible during lessons, breaks and lunchtime except in the designated areas for KS4/KS5 students.
  • Mobile devices must not be used to take photos/videos of other students and/or staff without their express permission.
  • Mobile devices may be used in lessons with the teacher’s permission as a tool to aid learning.
  • Action will be taken if mobile devices are used as a tool to bully, threaten and intimidate fellow students and/or staff through social network sites.
  • Students are NOT allowed to charge mobile devices in school

Designated areas

  • Y10-11 students can use their mobile device to play games, read or listen (using earphones) to music in their form rooms. Students in Y7-9 are NOT allowed to use mobile devices in form rooms.
  • Students (Y12-13) can use their mobile devices during the school day but CANNOT use their mobile devices to make phone calls on the corridor.
  • Students (Y12-13) can use their mobile devices to listen to music whilst they work in the LRC and Newton Hall, but the volume selected should not disturb other people.
  • Students (Y7-11) cannot use their mobile device in the canteen, queuing for the canteen, in the cloisters area, on the front field, on the astroturf or in the social space

If a student is caught using a mobile device during the school day, outside of the above guidelines, the mobile device (including the SIM card) will be confiscated and taken to the FINANCE OFFICE from where it can be collected at the end of the school day. This will be recorded in SIMS.

The second time a student is caught; the mobile device will be confiscated and returned after 24 hours or at the latest by 3.15 pm Friday. This will be recorded in SIMS and parents will be notified.

For students who are caught persistently disregarding the guidelines; the mobile devices will be confiscated during the school day for the rest of that week (or the following week if the mobile device is confiscated on a Friday). Students will be expected to hand it in at the FINANCE OFFICE by 8.30 am and collect it from reception at 3.20pm. Parents will be notified.

The school reserves the right to refuse to allow persistent offenders to bring a mobile device to school. Parents will be notified.

If parents need to make emergency contact with their child during the school day, this should be done via the school office on 0161 748 2875.

If a pupil is unwell during the school day, they should go to the school office where support staff will contact parents if appropriate.

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