Man Jumps To Death

At a bridge near Trafford Park railway station, yesterday evening, between 4:30-5:25, at an undisclosed time, a man, about whom we have no specific details, jumped off a railway bridge, presumably, into the path of an oncoming train. It is believed that no details have yet been released by GMP, but it is highly likely that they have opened an investigation.

One of Northern Rail’s trains, due at 5:28, at Urmston Railway Station, was originally delayed to 5:29 according to a passenger wishing to board his train. He claimed the train was then further delayed, passengers not knowing why nor when it would actually arrive. An announcement was put over the loudspeaker saying that there had been a case of trespassing at Trafford Park. It was later discovered that the bridge had also been closed. The train eventually came, leaving delays along the line for the remainder of the evening.

Services are now running as usual along the Manchester Piccadilly to Liverpool Lime St. line. Police have released no further details this morning, with Northern Rail also keeping quiet.

By George

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