Let’s Sing (2018)…

…and why not?

Scientific studies have proven that singing improves our mood, bringing a decrease in stress, depression and anxiety.  And furthermore, communal singing offers even greater benefits, as the singer gains a sense of belonging.  Physical health is also given a boost, as blood pressure may be lowered, immunity elevated, and respiratory muscles strengthened.

So, the whole of Year 7 rehearsing together and then performing publicly to parents and staff at our Let’s Sing event last Thursday (1st November) had to be a good thing.

And good it was too.  Very good, in fact.

The brainchild of Pastoral Head of Year 7, Mrs Walker, this event was shaped into being by the sheer hard work of music teachers Mrs Wabiak and Mr Hulton, as they nurtured the raw talent and energy of 145 Year 7 pupils into a singing sensation.  Solos, form collaborations and whole hall singalongs provided a salubrious evening for all, with songs, made famous by The Jackson 5, Avicii, Ed Sheeran, George Ezra and the film musical The Greatest Showman, all ringing out, clear and loud and hearty.

A hugely uplifting evening!

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