It’s Raining Records!

It rained in Manchester on Friday.  Nothing unusual about that, you might say – except it hadn’t rained for a month or more.  The last time it rained was when Robbie Williams put on the UNICEF charity football match at Old Trafford.  Anyway, Friday was Urmston Grammar’s Sports Day.  Cue the rain!  Have you guessed the venue yet?  That’s right Sportcity, right next to the Etihad Stadium.

Well, not only did the heavens rain on us, so did the record breaking performances.  Just look at these: Well done to all of you.  Despite the rain, you smashed it!

But congratulations to all who were involved, whether competing, timing, marshalling or helping in any way.  AsHeadteacher, Mrs. Wall, says: “Our collective efforts, as a school community, are always what make days like sports days a success.”

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