Inspired to Aspire for the Spires of Oxford

OxfordJust before half term I, along with 19 other year 10 students, met at the uncivilised hour of 6:30 to travel to the exotic location of Oxford University, accompanied by Mr Bird and Amy Marshall, the Careers Advisor.

Upon arrival at Corpus Christi College, we were given a talk about what sort of degrees we could and should take after our A-levels. I personally thought this was very interesting, the speaker emphasising how we should choose our degree according to the quality of the course offered and the university offering it. We were then given a tour around one of the colleges by students: we found the grounds amazing!

Oxford2After lunch we were given a talk by chemistry students on mass spectroscopy, a module that they themselves were studying. This allowed us a glimpse of the variety of courses available, and also to observe the differences in the style of teaching at university compared with that at school. I enjoyed this talk and the opportunity to use specialist equipment the like of which cannot be accessed in school.

Once the talk was completed, we were given a tour around Christchurch College by students who helped us establish a realistic view of student life.

Overall, I found this a very exciting experience that showed us that even the dizzying heights of study at Oxford are attainable, a goal we could aim for.

Katie Hammond, Year 10.

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