Involved with the Work-Related Learning Day, which features below, was former Urmston Grammar Student, Matthew Lowe.  Matthew now works for Cundell, a global engineering company, and he commented that it was: “strange to have come full circle.”  Instead of being a student receiving advice, he was now the expert giving advice to our students.

Although familiar with the school, Matthew was a student here ten years ago, and so there were some changes for him to notice – not least the new Conference Room in which Matthew was conducting his exchange with our current students.  He actually found the room a positive aid by which to explain building services – in which his employers operate – and how the old may accommodate the new.

One significant shift in culture that Matthew has noted since he set out on his career journey is that career paths pursued these days are more diverse: that the more academic university option is not one that fits all-comers; but for some a more practical apprenticeship route can be more appropriate and just as rewarding.

Thanks go to all who gave up their time to advise our students.  We wish Matthew well as he continues in his career of choice.

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