Fifteen Reasons Not To Be in a Play

This was the ironic title of our lower school production, staged on Tuesday 22nd. and Wednesday 23rd November. After watching the performances, I can give one very simple reason for putting on a production like this:


The sheer joy of performing was visible in every face. No doubt hours and hours of hard work have been spent in preparing and rehearsing, but the end result was just so much fun for participants and audience alike. The play was interspersed with a variety of musical and dance numbers that ranged from classical through ragtime/Charleston to rock and pop.

I was awed by the talent on show. Just when one thought that things could not get any better, something came along to take the breath away once more. I recently decried female opera singing as unbearable screeching. But Josie McEvey you made a convert out of me. I never imagined such a mature, sweet sound could come from the mouth of a twelve year old. I don’t understand Italian and I thought I didn’t understand opera, but every nuance of Puccini’s aria was sung with such heavenly eloquence that the passion, yearning and urgency conveyed needed no translation.

And when I saw and heard Edgar Cheung play the piano I finally knew what people mean when they talk about man and instrument being one – such touch, such tone; and again from one so young! I’m singling performances out, and I shouldn’t be – because there were guitar recitals that wouldn’t have been out of place amongst the veterans of Woodstock and the Isle of Wight; tap and modern expressive dance that were a delight to behold; melodies played on a violin, on French horn and on clarinet; and so the list of variety and wonder goes on…

Seriously… and joyfully… well done to all involved, including theatrical directors, Mrs Ripolles and Miss Blane, and musical directors, Miss Williams and Miss Wabiak, as well as back stage crew, technical crew, et al. Fantastic evening!

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