Faraday Engineering Challenge – Far and Away My Most Exciting Day at UGS

The Faraday engineering challenge day was a near perfect event.

First, we received our team numbers and collected our badges and materials. We started with 36 Faradays (money) and bought the materials for a rocket. We built a tube, nose cone and fins for the rocket. We had to assemble it all and then test it out, with just a plastic tube and our breath to launch it!

Then, we had to make a robot built to hold a rocket. We didn’t have enough Faradays for my original idea, so we took off useless robot parts and re-used them along with a 1 Faraday LEGO piece to make the cheapest carrier ever.

The next thing we did was to programme our robot to carry the rocket. This was the hardest step, because the programme was hard to use and it required a lot of trial and improvement and it was too frustrating to grasp the basics.

Finally, we had to compile all of our information into a poster and launch the robot from the site – and it went terribly. I blame the robot! It shifted to the left. So I definitely blame the robot’s wheels in particular. It was stressful because everyone was staring at us, watching us present our project, using our best scientific vocabulary to describe it all.

The best part of the project was the launching of the rocket. We got compressed air and fired the rocket out on the school field. And it was great! Everyone was yelling; everyone was excited; and everyone laughed and shouted when a rocket ended up flying backwards. Our rocket went the furthest, although we still didn’t win, but that was fine because it was such a fun event.

There are one or two things that were mildly annoying. Firstly, the program is slow and it takes a while to learn how to use it. Lastly, it was too easy to buy everything you need, but this was probably just a problem for us because we had 20 Faradays left at the end, despite having to rebuild our rocket. However, overall, the Faraday Engineering Day was one of the most enjoyable and exciting event days I’ve experienced in Year 8 and possibly in all of my current time in school.

Max Jolkowicz-8T

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