Diego is a World Changer!

Year 8 student, Diego, has been awarded a runner-up prize in Pearson’s World Changer Awards.

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, 13-year-old Diego decided to spark change at Urmston Grammar by suggesting changes to the History curriculum to include more black, Asian and minority ethnicity history. He wrote to his local MP calling for change and is working closely with his school to implement his ideas so that all students can feel more included in what they study.

Of his project, Diego made the following comment: “Being of mixed heritage – my life has always been culturally diverse. However, I think back to my education: and the teaching of black history was only ever a theme for October. There needs to be an inclusive curriculum, so I am working with my school to help change this.”

Pearson, the company which, among other things, administers and delivers Edexcel public examinations, wants to demonstrate the power of education.  They present their awards to those aged between 5 and 19 who have used their skills, gained through education, to effect real change in the world.   Pearson describe the work of Diego, and others like him, to be an example of young people “interrogating the world around them and using their understanding of history, geography, politics and citizenship to have a positive influence in nature and society.”

Diego’s mum, Dee, is naturally thrilled by her son’s achievement.  As she says: “We are so very proud of our son for deciding to make a difference within his school by bringing about a difference to the curriculum, and we are so pleased that his school has embraced Diego’s thoughts and ideas!”

When we work together and listen to each other, we can all be winners.  Well done, Diego!

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