Debating Success

Year 10 Team

Year 10 Team

Y 11 Winners!

Y 11 Winners!

Last night at Urmston Grammar School, two of our own teams, one from Year 11 and one from year 10, took on teams from Manchester Grammar School, Bolton School Girls’ Division and Marsden Heights Community College, to come out winners overall.

As well as the team of Matthew Audcent as Chair, Kemi Osobukola as Questioner, and Jasmine Shaw as Speaker winning the overall round, Kemi Osobukola won “Best Questioner” and Jasmine Shaw won “Best Speaker”, speaking passionately and cogently on the topic of oppressive language. This team will now go on the the regional final, held at Urmston Grammar School in January.

The Year 10 team, made up of Emily Greaves as Questioner, Melanie Munster as Speaker, and Harry McNicol as Chair put in an impressive performance too for their first attempt at this competition, and should do well in next year’s competition.

The teams:

Urmston Grammar A

Matthew Audcent – Chair

Kemi Osobukola – Questioner

Jasmine Shaw – Speaker

Oppressive language does more then represent violence; it is violence (Toni Morrison)

Urmston Grammar B

Emily Greaves – Questioner

Melanie Munster – Speaker

Harry McNicol – Chair

Are we ready for domestic robots?

Also Jess Molyneux and Beth Molyneux won the opening regional round of the ESU Mace last week at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys, speaking on Salary Caps for Professional Sports Stars.

So a clean sweep so far for Urmston Grammar in all ESU competitions.

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