Commendation for Jasmine’s Lockdown Poem

Jasmine has won a commendation for her entry in the ‘Anne Frank Writing Competition’

Congratulations go to Year 7 student, Jasmine Smith who, like the celebrated Anne Frank, committed her thoughts to paper during a lockdown situation.  Where Anne Frank presented her thoughts in diary form during World War II, Jasmine has been inspired to present her thoughts in verse on the Covid-19 Lockdown, making subtle references to the George Floyd incident, which took place during this period, and comparing the virus to the oppression and tyranny of the Nazis.

Supported by her English teacher, Mr. Ian Stewart, Jasmine entered her poem for judging in the ‘Anne Frank Writing Competition’. Jasmine received a commendation from the judges for her entry. There were over 1000 entries in the competition. So, Jasmine’s achievement is a great credit to her, as only 180 entries received this commendation.

And here is her poem:


We wait in this small place that we call home,

Devoid of smiles now sneers and streets with shells

Cocooned, but cramped, yet feeling safe from harm,

Longing to see beloved friends again.


This many faced, pestiferous monster

Envelops, turning day to darkness.

An unstoppable force, taunting, looming,

Crushing hope, destroying all happiness


Like wasps buried in figs we stow away.

Behind the dark facade of this office,

I can keep my family safe from harm,

A phoenix, emerged into a changed world.


A father develops, sustains and feeds,

He loves, he cares, he overflows with pride.

And yet they can spread hate and vitriol,

Future generations must make this stop.


Cruel cat’s prey pinned under a feline claw,

Replaying to a time, when my young Anne.

Sits upright, smiling with her new notebook,

Her small cluttered desk, her sanctuary.



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