Billy Reviews Hairspray

February was an exciting month at Urmston Grammar School, for our  music and drama departments have been devoting months of their time towards a production of Hairspray; with good co-ordination, dancing, singing, acting, powerful movements and comedy, they really have raised the bar.

A play about a group who fought against racial, gender and weight discrimination instantly exceeded the expectations of the school. It would seem all the characters had rehearsed each other’s next move and all the audience could tell there was a great fluidity between the actors.

This is a comment from a dancer.

“We put a lot of time and effort time into the dance moves and it was a great show”.

Demand for tickets had been so great that the dress rehearsal was actually open to an audience of paying parents and students, anxious not to miss this spectacular performance. Everyone who watched it enjoyed; and the cast has great acting and music skill and potential!

Photos by Emily


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