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alumni_jack_thompsonName: Jack Thompson

Grades achieved at A-Level: A*A*A*

Studying: French and German at Cambridge University

Cambridge is an amazing place and the University is an amazing institution. The collegiate system, unlike many other Universities, facilitates close integration of everyone who studies here and also gives way to a very demanding, but rewarding, academic programme. You can’t feel isolated or bored here, there’s always someone around or something to do. Whilst the workload is intense, it’s also enjoyable. Everyone here loves their subject, mainly due to their own enthusiasm and the enthusiasm with which their respective degrees are taught. Rather than being constrained to an academic syllabus, students here are also pushed to kindle, develop and put forward their own ideas and arguments – this is something that makes Cambridge very unique and special.

The Language Faculty at UGS and the time and effort that the teaching staff put into every one of their lessons can’t be given enough praise. My own passion for languages stemmed directly from the enthusiasm and passion of my teachers. The curriculum is taught highly successfully and in addition the general academic and study skills that teachers instilled in me have stayed with me at university. The teachers are meticulous, always prepared to help and, above all, highly passionate about their subjects.

alumni_faye_dunnName: Faye Dunn

Grades achieved at A-Level: A-Physical Education, A-Psychology, B-Biology.

Studying: Physiotherapy at Birmingham University

I am currently studying physiotherapy at the University at Birmingham and am greatly enjoying university life. I made it onto the University BUCS league netball squad which involves training 5 times a week and matches on a Wednesday (and the social aspect is great too). Physiotherapy is an intense course as we have a lot of contact hours and lots of independent study, but as we are a small group I have already gained close friends and am thoroughly enjoying the knowledge and skills that I have gained so far.

Urmston Grammar gave me the skills that have allowed me to be studying at university, I am truly grateful for the help and advice I received from all my teachers. I moved to Urmston Grammar in sixth form and I settled in well from the start, my teachers and peers made me feel comfortable and supported and allowed me to develop my skills and improve on my weaknesses.

alumni_dana_settleName: Dana Settle

Grades achieved at A-Level: AAAB  

Studying: Vet Sciences at RVC

My favourite part at RVC so far has definitely been our ‘point to point’ sessions where we complete tasks at different stations to improve our knowledge of anatomy. So we have preserved specimen of limbs that are over 30 years old (extremely smelly), fresh limbs (also smelly), live animals (a little smelly too), an ultrasound machine and radiographs that we’re free to poke and prod and ask endless questions on. All my flat mates are in RVC and we’ve all become so close in the last few weeks, we have film nights once a week, we all watch bake off together and usually go out together. The social aspect has really helped me feel settled in!! My picture is me and the rest of my flat mates on a boat party in the second week of freshers! The cost of living in London may be extortionate but I’ve already made memories to last for life and I’ve felt swanky quite a few times

I’m glad I stayed at UGS for the support of the tutoring, comparing my experience of getting into university with some of my flat mates it helps me see how my journey was relatively smooth and I’m thankful of that now! I have many fond memories of my last 7 years at UGS starting with Lakeside, the yr9 Germany trip and eventually finding myself half way across the world in Honduras with the bare necessities!  UGS  provided me with information and guidance on becoming a vet – and now here I am!

alumni_thomas_yungName: Thomas Yung

Grades achieved at A-Level: A*A*A*

Studying: Computing with Artificial Intelligence at Imperial College London

I’m thoroughly enjoying the challenges and adjustment to living by myself and having to organise my time effectively.

The course is tough due to my lack of previous experience but I take genuine interest in it meaning I happy to commit time to learning.

Perhaps the thing I miss the most about UGS was the close bonds I had with teaching staff and students. Starting at a new place makes it harder to feel comfortable asking questions but I’m sure over time it will be ok. Having a good relationship with teachers and peers made it easy to find help when it was needed.

alumni_joe_bradleyName: Joe Bradbury

Grades achieved at A-Level: CCC

Studying: Apprenticeship with AstraZeneca

I am currently undertaking an apprenticeship with AstraZeneca where I am training to become a Material Scientist in the Pharmaceutical Development department. During my apprenticeship I will be also working towards obtaining a Foundation Degree in Chemical Sciences from MMU which is fully funded through AstraZeneca. What I enjoy most about the apprenticeship is project work – I am currently working on a project that will provide information which will be used towards helping and saving lives of people who are suffering from diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis. I feel this is very rewarding as I am making a difference to people’s lives. I am doing a lot of practical work within the labs which is vastly interesting and I thoroughly enjoy working on all the different pieces of equipment and continuously learning new and different techniques.

At UG, what I liked most was how far the teachers and staff were willing to go to help you achieve or exceed your goals whether it be for GCSE or A Level. There were many opportunities available to enhance your CV/Personal Statement. These could be through joining and being a member of clubs such as STEM or Medical Ethics Societies or by taking part in local community events such as hosting a creche session for local children or Christmas parties for the elderly.



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