Admissions’ Result Information

All information is correct as at 18 October 2019

  • All result letters for the current phase of this round of applications have now been posted.
  • A successful outcome will be considered to have been achieved by those candidates who scored 334 and above in the tests or whose score was upgraded to 334R following a Local Review.
  • Candidates with a score of 385 and above are currently in our Top 20; this figure may lower as the admissions process continues.
  • A total of 2534 pupils took part in the Urmston Grammar entrance examination in September and several hundred pupils achieved the qualifying score of 334 and above. The average score for those pupils who qualified was 354.
  • The distance offered at 1stallocation on 1st March 2019 last year was 7.544947 miles.

PLEASE NOTE – The distance can vary from year to year as each cohort is different and the allocation of school places very much depends on parental choices.

For further information, please go to ‘Historical admissions information’

  • We are unable to email or give results out over the telephone.  Should you not have received your result letter arrangements can be made for collection on Monday 28th October as the school is closed week commencing 21st October for half term. Please email and we will arrange a time when you can collect them.
  • Similarly, the school admissions’ personnel will not be able to engage in telephone conversations about any aspect of the process.  Should you have any queries, please email and we will endeavour to respond within five working days.


Please see below the Oversubscription Criteria for the admission of children in September 2020

Oversubscription Criteria

Where the number of eligible applicants who meet the published academic requirements or who qualify for admissions to Urmston Grammar exceeds the number of places available in the relevant year group, the following criteria will be applied, in the priority order set out below, to decide which children to admit:

Entry Category A

Places are initially allocated to candidates who are “Looked after” children, or who were previously looked after, but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order (as defined in the Education Act 2002 – Admissions).  This category also includes children previously looked after outside of England by a public authority, a religious organisation or another provider of care whose sole purpose is to benefit society.

Entry Category B – approximately 20 places

Using the first list (rank score order) of candidates, the (20) top scoring candidates, irrespective of home residence, will be allocated a place under Category B. Candidates with equal scores to the lowest candidate in this second allocation will also be offered places.

Entry Category C – approximately 10 places

Parents will have the opportunity to submit a Pupil Premium notification slip along with the Urmston Grammar supplementary form when candidates receive a positive outcome results letter. Ten places will be allocated to the highest performing candidates who qualify for Pupil Premium, irrespective of distance, and who did not qualify under Entry Categories A or B above.    Candidates, on Pupil Premium, with equal scores to the lowest candidate in this third allocation will also be offered places.

Entry Category D

Children who have parents who are serving members of Urmston Grammar staff, and who have had a permanent contract at UGS for at least 8 continuous years will be offered a place.

Entry Category E – approximately 120 places

Upon removing the candidates who are allocated places via Entry Categories A, B, C and D, places in category E will be allocated in accordance with their distance from the school to their home address as per a straight line, firstly by M41 and M31 postcodes followed by the remaining candidates. This arrangement is listed as Category E.  The address used will be the permanent address of where the child resides.  For the home address, the distance will be calculated using property co-ordinates provided from Trafford’s Local Land and Property Gazetteer (BS7666) (Royal Mail Postal Address information may be used in some instances).  In the case of a child living in a block of flats, co-ordinates will be obtained in the same way.  The co-ordinates that will be used for the School are 376120, 394926.

Home Address:  The address used will be the permanent address where the child normally lives, not a temporary address or the address of a carer or relative.  In the case of parents who are separated and where child-care arrangements are shared between two addresses, in the priority admissions area, the average of the distances of the two addresses from the school will be used for the purposes of determining priority for admission.  Where one of the addresses is outside the priority admission area, the applicant will be regarded as living outside this area and the average of distances of the two addresses from the school will be used for determining priority for admission.

Applicants who move into the priority admission area, after the date of registration, who submit an on-time application to their home Local Authority, including Urmston Grammar as a preference, will be given consideration from the address given on the original registration made direct to the school until after the first round of offers.  The new address will only be considered if the following evidence and legal documentation in relation to the change of residency is submitted to the school;

  • evidence and legal documentation to the effect that they have purchased the property along with proof of disposal of the previous home.
  • for leasing agreements, a legal contract for a minimum of 24 months without a break clause is required along with proof of disposal of the previous home, and
  • documentation to prove the applicant and their parent(s)/carer(s) became resident at the new home.

Proof of residency will be required.  Parents must inform the School of any changes to their address or circumstances.  An allocated place may be subsequently withdrawn if incorrect or misleading information has been provided, which has led to the offer of a place or has advantaged the applicant in the priority offer for oversubscription.

Applicants who move further away from the School after the date of application will be considered from their new address with immediate effect.

Please note – If there are two or more applications that cannot be separated by the oversubscription criteria outlined above, the school will use the distance between the school and a child’s home to decide between applicants.  Priority will be given to children who live closest to the school.


Waiting List

The School will operate a waiting list for Year 7 admission in September. From September to December of Year 7, any vacancies must be filled from the waiting list in accordance with the over-subscription criteria detailed above.  From January each year, any subsequent available places will be offered to the candidate performing at the highest level in a re-assessment process, the details for which are communicated prior to the re-assessment (of recently completed school work) being conducted.  Applicants for in-year admission to Years 7 to 11 may join the waiting list of the relevant year group if a place is not available within the year group, providing they have a positive outcome to the Urmston Grammar Entrance requirements.


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