Admissions Policy: Sixth Form Entry

The school has a large, expanding Sixth Form. In any one year there are approximately 300 students, a result of the very high staying-on rate from Year 11 and a very welcome and confident group of newcomers.

Over 90% of Sixth Formers continue into Higher Education. For Urmston Grammar applicants to the Sixth Form, talks and advice are given throughout the year by the Head of Sixth Form, the Assistant Head of Sixth Form and Form Tutors. Every student is offered individual guidance and there is an evening for parents of intending Sixth Formers which is held in December.

Our Sixth Form is incredibly popular with external students, an on line prospectus and application form is available on the school website all year and the Head of Sixth Form visits local High Schools.

The Sixth Form prospectus and the sixth form section of the web site gives details of courses, entry requirements and life in the Sixth Form. At present, our entry requirement is 3 grade A’s and 3 grade B’s at G.C.S.E. along with confirmation of estimate grades from the student’s school. Applications for the Sixth Form are invited all year, however the bulk are anticipated between September and April. Oversubscription is firstly by entry requirement attainment, additionally consideration may be given on the basis of ranked points score providing there are places on courses available up to the point where our admissions number has been reached.

The admission number for Year 12 external applicants is approximately 60 with 155 internal and external applicants expected to be admitted. GCSE results day is set aside so that you can contact us and confirm your place.

Sixth Form places are in demand.  For new applicants to the school an induction afternoon is offered in June when applicants can meet, enjoy a free buffet and remind themselves of the challenges and tremendous opportunities that lie ahead. Registration day is held for all Sixth Formers, who have had an offer of a place, and who have gained the necessary 3 grade A’s and 3 grade B’s, on GCSE results day. Each student is given guidance again to give the best possible advice on ‘A’ level choices and future careers in the light of their G.C.S.E. results. Students unable to attend should accept their place by email or telephone and must confirm their final subject choices.

Questions may be sent to  or sent in via our “Contact us” page and may be added to our FAQ’s.


Sixth Form Admissions

Complaints Process.

We are aware that places at Urmston Grammar are finite in number and each year, a small number of students may face disappointment. We do try to deal with all issues professionally and with sensitivity. We are also only too aware that advanced level study does not suit everyone. We also believe that it is wrong to admit students who in our professional opinion may not succeed at the end of two years, we would never set up a student to fail for financial or numbers reasons. We also know that in rare instances our decisions may not be well accepted and this is why we have a complaints process which is outlined below. It consuists of two stages; informal and formal.

Informal stage:

  1. Should you have a complaint about the way in which an admission application has been treated, your initial approach should be to the Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Y N Lyons, at the school. She is responsible for the decision to admit and how to fairly apply the criteria whilst also able to consider the wider issues such as grade currency, point scores, class viability and numbers.
  2. Should this approach prove unsatisfactory to you, you should write to theHeadteacher, Mrs. R S Wall for a review of the process and the decision. This will hopefully clarify the position of the Academy to your satisfaction.

A further formal stage of complaint is also available to you:

  1. A formal written complaint may be made and sent to the Clerk to the Academy Governors who will  arrange a response from the Academy Governors to your complaint within 20 school days. They will further consider your argument and review in detail the case that you present.


Appeal Process.

Should the complaints procedure fail to address your concerns, upon completion, you are entitled to request an Independent Panel Appeal Hearing They may be contacted via Mrs Masters, Admissions Officer, Urmston Grammar, Newton Road, Urmston, Manchester M41 5UG. Details of how to apply for appeal and the process involved will be sent to you by Mrs Masters.

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