Acceptable use of the internet Policy

ICT and the related technologies such as the Internet and email are an important part of learning in our School. We expect all students to be responsible for their behaviour when using ICT and the Internet.

Permission to use the facilities is conditional upon the user agreeing to abide by the “Acceptable Use Policy”. Any breaches of this policy will be treated as a disciplinary matter and dealt with appropriately. Sanctions imposed could result in the right to use the facilities being withdrawn either temporarily or, under certain conditions, permanently.


  • Students will only access the School computer network with their own user name and password.
  • Students will follow the School’s ICT security procedures and not reveal their password to anyone.
  • Students may be held responsible for any activity that takes place using their network account.
  • Students must inform their teacher/ICT staff whenever a breach of security is suspected.
  • Students will not access or attempt to access other people’s files.
  • Students will log off correctly and leave the equipment set up ready for the next person to use.
  • Students will use the computers for schoolwork and homework only, unless directed by a member of staff i.e. Yearbook, D of E etc.
  • Students will not cause damage to or interfere with any of the ICT equipment.
  • Students will handle all computer equipment carefully.
  • Students will not use any media or connect any hardware (CDs, DVDs, usb-drives, MP3 players, cameras etc.) in their user area unless directed by a member of staff as part of their work.
  • Students will not save any other type of file in their user area i.e. .zip or .exe files etc.
  • Students will report any unpleasant material, messages sent to them or misuse of computers.
  • Students understand this report would be confidential and would help to protect other students and themselves.
  • Students understand that any action that threatens the School network (e.g. hacking) will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Any such misuse will be dealt with very severely.

Internet Use

  • Students will not use the internet without the permission of the member of staff in charge of the room.
  • Students will be responsible for their behaviour when using the Internet. This includes the resources they access and the language they use.
  • Students will not deliberately browse, download or upload material that could be considered offensive or illegal. If students accidentally come across any such material they will report it immediately to their teacher.
  • Students will not access public chat rooms, forums and social networking.
  • Students will only use School message boards, discussion forums and other electronic communication forums for educational purposes and these will always be supervised.
  • Students will not copy information into assignments without acknowledging the source, because of plagiarism and copyright infringement.
  • Students will not play multiplayer network games.


  • Students will not send any e-mails during lesson time without the permission of the member of staff in charge of the room.
  • Students will only e-mail people they know, or people approved by their teacher.
  • Students will only send attachments that are relevant to their school work.
  • Students will not open e-mail attachments from people they do not know.
  • Students will make sure that all ICT communications with any student, teacher or others are sensible.
  • Students will not send material that could be considered offensive or illegal to any student, teacher or others.
  • Students will not send anonymous messages or forward chain letters.
  • Students will not send messages which appear to come from someone else.
  • Students will not give out any personal information such as name, phone number or address.
  • Students will not arrange to meet someone unless this is part of a school project approved by their teacher.
  • Students will report any unpleasant material or unpleasant messages received via email.

Personal Devices

Students must be responsible and respectful about the use of their own technology within the School. Leaving a mobile phone turned on or using it in class, sending nuisance text messages, or the unauthorised taking of images with a mobile phone camera, still or moving ,is in direct breach of the School’s acceptable use policy. Please take note of the guidance in the use of mobile phones as presented in our policy, click here for that link.


  • Students should store copies of all important work in their “My Documents” for safe keeping as this area is backed up daily – this is for school work only.
  • No music, video or program files should be stored in “My Documents” unless directed to do so by a member of staff.
  • Students should understand that the School will monitor the use of the School network including email and the use of the Internet by students.
  • Students should understand that the School may check their computer files.
  • Students should understand that copyright laws and intellectual property rights must be respected.

Please Note:

  • The School puts, as top priority, the security of its network and the safety of its users. Action by any user that compromises these aims, in any way, will be dealt with very seriously as too will any action that adversely affects the smooth running of the School network.
  • The School reserves the right to examine or delete any files that may be held on its computer system and to monitor any Internet sites visited.
  • The School reserves the right to randomly check the contents of any computer or storage media connected to the School network. This includes flash drives, CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, I-pods, mobile phones or any other form of storage medium.
  • Any unsuitable material will be deleted or destroyed and suitable disciplinary action taken.
  • Any large non-academic files (e.g. mp3 or jpg files) will be deleted from the network after consultation with relevant staff.
  • Any use of phones in connection to computers is not acceptable unless authorised by a member of staff.


“Hacking” is defined as any action, malicious or otherwise, that is designed to gain unauthorised access to network, computer or user information or to harm or take control of any computer system.

“Inappropriate material” includes any material that is deemed to be dangerous, pornographic, offensive, racist, sexist, illegal and any other material deemed by the school to be inappropriate for students.


  • Violations of these rules or any other action that is inappropriate or endangers the School network may result in the withdrawal of access to the ICT resources.
  • Additional action will be taken by the School in line with existing practice regarding inappropriate behaviour.
  • For serious violations suspension or exclusion may be imposed.
  • Where appropriate, police may be involved or other legal action taken.

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