Aaron Calvert: Decisions

Urmston Grammar April poster schoolHow do 3 people, completely randomly selected, without any collusion or prior knowledge, all manage to think of and draw the same object? How can a person actually predict that what you have associated with that object – a ball – will be the team Tottenham Hotspur? And not just predicted it, but had the ball and the name of the football team respectively drawn and written down and placed in an envelope long beforehand?

That, of course, is the magic of Aaron Calvert’s show. If we knew the answers, we wouldn’t be so baffled and intrigued. We know that there must be a trick to all this, a logical explanation – and there is, because I was sitting next to a professional magician who knew exactly how it was all done (or so he said), but wasn’t telling – and that is what fascinates us, hypnotically draws us in and leaves us spellbound.

Presumably, the decisions we think we are making freely and independently are not so free and independent as we imagine.

And Aaron – who entertained a full theatre at Urmston Grammar on Wednesday and Thursday evening this week with his Decisions show (described by The Nottingham post as “Captivating psychological mischief”) – has made an interesting decision or two himself. A former student of Urmston Grammar, he is a fully qualified doctor, but he has given up the medical profession, at least for now, to pursue his adventure in showbiz: he is hoping to raise sufficient money to put on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. And why wouldn’t he? Most of the junior doctors he trained with are depressed and disillusioned. While his medical friends weep down their phones to him, Aaron is loving life on the stage.
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