A Peer in School

Lord Goddard, withHeadteacher, Mrs Wall, Head Girls, Jess and Beth Molyneux, Head Boy, Finn Daly, and School Council Coordinator, Mrs Rogers

Urmston Grammar was pleased to welcome Lord Goddard of Stockport to the school on Friday 6th October.

Lord Goddard was visiting the school as part of the Peers in School initiative, which, in turn, is part of the House of Lords outreach programme, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the Lords, to make their role understood and to encourage people to get involved in its work.

Addressing the students

Lord Goddard addressed students from across the age ranges, in particular the Senior Prefect Team and those studying A level politics and also those who represent their fellow students on the school council.

Having left school at sixteen and worked as a gas engineer and as a taxi driver, Lord Goddard was keen to stress his point of view that the country needed more in government who had had a genuine experience of working life, not just people who had studied at university and gone straight into politics.  And having experienced such humble beginnings he was keen to express to the gathered students this message: “Believe in yourself and your ability; then you can do anything.”

School Councillor, Luke Bradley, and Senior Prefect, Eleanor Hickman, with Lord Goddard and the Head Boy and Girl

He was also keen to receive questions from his young audience, saying “Ask me any question you want.  I’ve never ducked a question in my life.”  When asked about women in politics, he clearly felt that there should be more of them and that “The ones that are in are formidable.  You wouldn’t want to mess with Betty Boothroyd,” he said.

Students and staff were left with the impression of a genuine, articulate, down-to-earth and dedicated man, honoured and eager to serve the people of this country and to uphold democracy.





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