Sociology Department

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of culture, institutions and groups in society.  It deals with and explains social interaction within and between social groups.  As Sociology is a subject made up of competing theories on society, it could be best defined as the ‘study of social order’.  In other words, Sociology has always sought to understand how the components of society, the social relationships and the social institutions, affect the continued existence of society.

Why Study Sociology?

  •  It is an academic, well respected topic
  •  It’s interesting and relevant to all of our lives so helps you think about issues in society in a different light
  •  It provides essential skills necessary for a wide range of careers including research, communication, IT and skill of analysis
  •  It enables you to learn more about current affairs that can also be applied to other subjects

Skills Needed To Succeed at Sociology

  • Critical Thinking – i.e. not accepting facts and figures at face value
  •  Literacy – writing essays, as summarising key concepts
  •  Numeracy – the ability to handle and interpret information presented in a variety of ways
  •  Problem-solving and evaluation skills

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