Psychology Department

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific’ study of people’, how they think, act and interact.  Psychology is concerned with all aspects of behaviour.  As well as explaining human behaviour, Psychologists also use their understanding to help people with difficulties and bring about change for the better.

Psychologists, then, have a valuable contribution to make to all areas of life today, whether it be with individuals or society as a whole.

Why study Psychology?

·       It is an academic, well respected subject.

·       It is interesting – what you learn on the course will make you think very differently about yourself and the world you live in.

·       For the career opportunities – the understanding and analysis of human behaviour and experience is relevant to most fields, especially those orientated towards people.

·       You will gain transferable skills such as communication, numeracy, I.T., how to design and conduct scientific research that are useful in many careers.

·       It combines well with arts and sciences and is classified as a science by medical school.

Skills needed to be successful at psychology:

·       An aptitude for science (Biology)

·       Literacy – ability to write essays and apply key concepts.

·       Problem solving and evaluative skills.

Post – A Level

A Psychology degree can be taken at University either culminating in a BA or BSc qualification.  With further study, this could lead to a chartered psychologist status and eventually a career as a professional psychologist working in clinical, occupational, educational or forensic psychology.

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