Part-time Science Teachers for lunchtime and afternoon intervention classes

Our Science Faculty is high-achieving, friendly and progressive. Our students study either for separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics; or for Combined Sciences. To help ensure that all our students fulfill their potential in their GCSE Science exams, we are looking for well-qualified science teachers to work with very small groups of KS4 students who will benefit from intervention. Successful candidates will liaise with our students’ own teachers and will want to understand what students must do next to succeed. They should be willing to work with a wide range of young people in a focused way in order to support their progress.

As well as being suitable for experienced teachers, the posts may also be suitable for undergraduates or gap year students who can communicate scientific knowledge clearly and effectively.

Salary: £20-£30 per hour depending on experience.

Please use the application below.

Application Form

For further information, please email Tony Elston, Assistant Principal: .

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