Languages Department

Head of Faculty: Mr A. Elston


The Languages Faculty aims to enable pupils to communicate effectively with people from other countries and cultures.  Pupils develop their understanding of how language functions and gain self-confidence in expressing themselves. The school subscribes to which contains hundreds of language games and activities in French, German, Spanish and Italian. Any pupil can access from home by asking any languages teacher for our current log-in details.

Throughout the school, pupils are encouraged to develop an understanding and interest in Europe and the wider world, through the use of DVDs, T.V., visits and our digital laboratory.


Half the year study French and half study German using a wide range of materials including course books, CDs, DVDs, songs and games  Pupils are introduced to French and German culture and develop their awareness of similarities and differences between languages.


All pupils study both French and German.  The two courses make extensive use of work in pairs and groups and encourage pupils to develop more responsibility for their learning.  Year 9 pupils can receive national recognition for achievement in their second language via the O.C.R. Asset Languages qualifications in listening and reading.  Importance is also attached to pupils’ ability to present their work in the form of drama, recordings and visual displays.  Year 9 pupils have the opportunity to apply for a trip to the Rhine.


Pupils continue to study the language begun in Year 7 to G.C.S.E. level.  They also have the option of studying both French and German to G.C.S.E. level. They follow the A.Q.A. syllabus. Controlled assessments account for 60% of the marks, spilt equally between speaking and writing. The remaining 40% are for G.C.S.E. listening and reading exams. Pupils converse with increasing confidence about their own experiences and should be able to speak and write simply about issues affecting people of their own age in Europe. Students in Year 11 are invited to take part in our very successful French Exchange with the Lycée Saint Paul in Lille.


The French and German AS courses follow the WJEC syllabus and offer students opportunities to study authentic material covering issues of interest to young people. These include leisure, education, gender issues, and young people’s problems such as alcohol and drugs.


The A2 level courses build on the skills developed at AS level to study French and German in greater depth.  Topics include immigration, the media and environmental issues.  Students also study either one or two literary texts/films.

Students are usually taught in groups of up to 12.  Our new digital language laboratory enables students to work individually and we also have the services of French and German language assistants to develop speaking skills. Year 12 and 13 students regularly take part in our French Exchange.


We now offer all these languages as extra curricular subjects, with Asset Languages qualifications in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Year 12 students may learn basic Italian during COPE (sixth form enrichment) lessons, then use their knowledge to teach Italian in local primary schools.

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