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Urmston Grammar


The Governing Body of Urmston Grammar is a group of committed, hard working people who support the school through their attendance at meetings and through their presence at academic, social, cultural and sporting events. 

The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that the school promotes student achievement and personal development.

Its duties include:

  • setting strategic direction, policies and objectives; 
  • approving the school budget; 
  • reviewing progress against the school's budget and objectives; 
  • appointing, supporting and challenging the Principal

The Governing Body will consist of:

  • up to 11 Governors appointed by the Members/Directors;
  • up to 1 LA governors;
  • a minimum of 2 Parent Governors;
  • up to 2 staff governors excluding the Principal;
  • up to 3 Co-opted Governors;
  • the Principal;
  • any additional Governors appointed under articles 62, 62A, 63, and 68A.


Trustees (Directors) and Governing Body of Urmston Grammar September 2017

 Mr E May  Chairman of Governors, Member/Director
 Mr D Kirkham   Vice Chairman, Member/Director
 Mr S Smith  Member/Director
 Mrs R Wall  Principal
 Mrs T Booth  Governor
 Dr K Chirema  Governor
 Mr N Crowther  Parent Governor
 Mr N Edgar  Parent Governor
 Mrs S Freeman  Parent Governor
Ms J Littler Parent Governor
Mr H Manley Parent Governor
Mr P Marks Governor
Mr A McLaren Parent Governor
Mr K Proctor LA Governor
Mrs E Sandys Staff Governor

Mr D Rose has resigned with effect from the 3rd May 2017
Mr A Marikar has resigned with effect from the 6th January 2017.

Mr S Slater has resigned with effect from 13 November 2017

Meeting dates 2017/18     

Committee meetings: 19 October 2017, 8 February 2018, 17 May 2018

Full Governing Body Meetings : 7 December 2017, 22 March 2018, 28 June 2018

Urmston Grammar is a registered company.

The Governing Body of Urmston Grammar is led by our Chairman, Mr. Eric May. On conversion to Academy, the Chairmen of the committees and the Chairman of the Governors were were voted in as Directors of "Urmston Grammar"

We have a  committed team of governors who lead and support the school in a positive and constructive. Governance has always placed the children above politics and personal persuasion. Governance was rated "Outstanding" by OfSTED in 2008.

Urmston Grammar  is very fortunate indeed to have such a committed and dedicated body of volunteers to serve our school community. All governors and members/directors at Urmston Grammar act on an unpaid basis.

School Documents 


Information on all statutory policies and documentation may be found by clicking on the policy portal image on the right.

Whilst some of our policies are here to guide and advise on the Academies position on a wide range of issues, we do reserve the right to interpret and adapt them when circumstances determine. Whenever you see the portal image (shown above) on our website, you will also find a link to the relevant policy.

Parents may request policies by contacting Mrs. Weems at the school.

Additional School Policies and statements:

School Financial Statements

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