English Department

Head of Department:  Miss L C Derby

The aim of the department is to help our pupils to reach a very high level of expertise and correctness in their use and understanding of spoken and written English.  We also encourage them to read, understand and enjoy good literature, making a point of studying the work of Shakespeare in Years 8 and 9 (and in Years 10 or 11 as part of the G.C.S.E. course).  Our work scheme for Years 7, 8 and 9 ensures that we fulfil all the requirements of the National Curriculum.  All members of Years 10 and 11 prepare for G.C.S.E.  in both Language and Literature, the courses being designed to ensure that our pupils can perform well under examination conditions, which we consider to be essential preparation for the future.

Years 12 and 13 study AQA English Language or OCR English Literature at A Level.  Here students study a wide range of texts, including Poetry, Prose and Drama.

Careful study of good literature, essay writing,  creative writing, comprehension exercises, class discussion and individual talks and readings, all part of the work schemes for Years 7-13, enable us to produce outstanding results in national examinations.

In Years 7 - 11 each group has two homeworks per week - one usually reading/learning, the other writing (which may, on occasion, be the preparation of rough drafts). In addition to regular testing during term, most pupils take at least one formal examination each year.

Some of our English teachers also teach Drama in the Lower School, and the department contributes to a wide range of extra-curricular activities.


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