Business Studies Department

Business Studies is an increasingly popular option at key stage 4, providing a valuable insight into the world of business and commerce. The government has recognised the importance of enterprise capability by making it a key output of the work-related learning programme, which became a statutory requirement in September 2004.  Business strongly supports the acquisition of enterprise attributes as an important factor in developing a skilled workforce and a dynamic economy.  Some young people welcome the chance to start up their own business. The course of study at GCSE now follows the Edexcel specification and fully supports this new focus on enterprise education. In addition, year 10 pupils are given the opportunity of participating in the National "Real Businesss" challenge programme, where they experience setting up and running a company of their own. New exam regulations require that project works is completed wholly within school normal lesson time.


Business Studies is a modular course which looks at how new ideas are developed by entrepreneurs and how those ideas are then put into practice through the setting up of new businesses.  We study all aspects of business management and corporate strategy, and analyse the opportunities and challenges of the competitive global economy in which they operate.

The AS course looks at how entrepreneurs set up new businesses and how managers run their organisations, through extensive case studies of real businesses in industries as diverse as car production, sport and leisure, telecommunications and fashion; we also assess the micro and macro economic factors that influence decision making from both a practical and theoretical perspective.  Consideration is given to how firms produce their goods and services, how they manage their finances, how they manage their people, and how they persuade customers to buy their products.

Assessment will be through two modular examinations, one in January and the other in June:  The exams consist of supported multiple choice questions and questions based on short data extracts.

The A2 course studies the markets in which businesses compete both at home and abroad, and the rules created for that competition by the government.  There is a clear focus on strategic decision making, international business and current global issues. We will consider topics such as international competitiveness and the emergence of China and India as economic powers, growth strategies, decision making tools and establishing global brands within international markets.

Again, assessment will be through two modular examinations, one in January and the other in June.  The exams consist of questions based on short extracts of data, a pre-release case study and a decision making report.

The course assumes no previous knowledge of Business Studies or Economics, but a keen interest in business and finance is a definite plus!

Business subjects are now the most popular courses at universities, and their graduates command the highest salaries.  With business and economic understanding becoming ever more important, Business Studies at A-level prepares students for any Financial or Managerial career and helps develop entrepreneurial skills and decision making abilities.


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