Admission FAQs

Q When will the children sit the entrance exam?
A Thursday 24th September 2015  at Urmston Grammar for both Trafford and non-Trafford residents.
Q What if my child is unable to attend on the day of the entrance examination?
A An alternative test  will only be arranged due to medical, religious or other extreme circumstances  and you will be required to notify Urmston Grammar in writing by the deadline of 17th July 2015.
Q When will the application form for the Urmston Grammar entrance exam be available?
A The application form will be available at the beginning of April 2015 from the following sources: completed on line from the website, downloaded from the website and posted; obtained from the school office; collected at the Open Evening.
Q When does the Urmston Grammar entrance exam application form need to be returned?
By  Friday 17th July 2015 .  All applications will be acknowledged when processed.  Please contact the school if you do not receive an acknowledgement after 10 days
Do I need to complete the Local Authority "Common Preference Form"?
Yes , you will need to complete the Common Preference Form which must be returned to your Home Local Authority by the end of October.  This form will automatically be sent to you by your home authority.  Please contact your home authority for further advice regarding this form. 
When will I receive the information pack?
A You will receive the information pack on Friday 11th September 2015 detailing the specific arrangements for the forthcoming tests – equipment requirement; examination group number; times and instructions for arrival/departure; regulations relating to the sitting of the test papers; Special Circumstances Form; clothing requirements; suggested refreshments that could be sent with your child into school.  Please contact the school office if this pack is not received.
Will children from anywhere be able to sit the Urmston Grammar entrance exam and will they be considered before local children?
A Children can sit the exam irrespective of where they live. Urmston Grammar receive applications from a wide range of areas outside of Trafford including Cheshire, Warrington, Salford and Stockport. Please refer to the Oversubscription Criteria for the allocation of available places.
How many places are available?
A There are 150 places available.
What is the Oversubscription Criteria?

Where the number of eligible applicants for admissions exceeds the number of places available, the following criteria will be applied, in the order set out below, to decide which children to admit:

First Allocation - Places are allocated to candidates who are 'looked after' children or who were previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order who meet the published academic requirements.

Second Allocation - The 20 top-scoring candidates will be offered a place irrespective of home residence.

Third Allocation - Three places will be allocated to the highest performing candidates who qualify for Pupil Premium, irrespective of distance.

Fourth Allocation - The remaining places will be allocated in accordance with the candidates' distance from the school to their front door as per a straight line, firstly by M41 and M31 postcodes, then followed by the remaining candidates. 

What if I change my address?
A If you change address after the 31st October 2015  you must inform Urmston Grammar and your Home Authority School Admissions immediately: your application will be considered on the basis of your previous address.  Please note Urmston Grammar and the Authority may require proof of residency i.e. exchange of contracts relating to the pruchase of a property or a copy of a signed 12-month rental agreement (minimum 12 months) and proof of disposal of the previous home.
Will my child be in the same examination group as children from their own primary school?
A Every effort will be made to place together children from the same primary school.  (Please notify us immediately if your child changes primary school).
What will the entrance exam comprise?
A There are three elements to the exam: a Mathematics paper, a Non-Verbal paper and an English paper. There is a continuous prose attached to the English paper, which will only be considered at any review process.  This listing does not necessarily indicate the order in which the papers will be taken.
Can I buy practice examination papers from Urmston Grammar?
A Sample sheets will be available to purchase from the school office for a small fee of £2.50.  These sample sheets will be for exemplar purposes only, indicating the nature of the set tasks, and will not form any part of the papers sat by candidates.  Practice papers of GL Assessment can be purchased from any good booksellers (W H Smiths, Waterstones...).
Q What is the pass mark?
A A successful outcome will be achieved by candidates who score 355 or above in the exam.
Q When will I find out the result of the entrance exam?
A Saturday 17th October 2015.
Q Does passing the entrance exam mean that a place at Urmston Grammar is automatic?
A Not necessarily. Your Home Local Authority will allocate on the basis of preference.  If Urmston Grammar is NOT one of your preferences you will not be allocated a place.
Q What is an Automatic Review?
A An automatic review will be conducted for all candidates if their scores fall in the range of 354-335. In the review process, the following will be considered: the breakdown of standardised scores in the three papers and an assessment of the continuous prose section of the English paper (the marks of this section are not included in the total score).  A successful review will be amended to 355R.
Q What happens if my child is unsuccessful in the entrance exam?
A You will be able to request a Local Review and if dissatisfied with the outcome pursue a statutory appeal following allocation of places on 1st March 2016.
Q What is a Local Review?
  Challenges against the “exam outcome” will be heard at a Local Review, solely by the “Admissions Review Body” of Urmston Grammar, upon receipt of the Local Review Form along with optional supporting documents detailing the challenge.  Parents are not invited to attend.
Q How do I request a Local Review?
A If your results lette indicates an unsuccessful outcome, the letter will detail how to request a Local Review.
Q What if I do not know the outcome from the Local Review until after the submission of the Common Application Form?
A The decision relating to the Local Review will be notified by post and will be after the submission of the Common Application Form.  It is important that if you want your child to be considered for a place at Urmston Grammar, to indicate this as a preference on the form by 31st October.  Do not wait until you know the result of the Local Review as this could make your application late and reduce your chance of getting a place
Q When will I know if my child has been offered a place?
A All candidates will be informed by their Home Authority which secondary school they have been allocated on 1st March 2016
Q What happens if my child is offered a place at Urmston Grammar?
A Information regarding the induction process will be sent to parents upon confirmation of the acceptance of the offered place at Urmston Grammar.
Q What happens if my child is not offered a place at Urmston Grammar?
A All candidates who have been successful in our entrance examination who are not allocated a place at Urmston Grammar in the Local Authority's first allocation process, will have the opportunity to request to be placed on our waiting list.  Where places are not taken up by those who have accepted alternative allocations, those on the waiting list will be contacted as per our over-subscriptions criteria.
Q What is a Statutory Appeal?
A A Statutory Appeal is an appeal against an admission authority's decision to refuse admission.  Under the terms of the 1998 Education Act parents have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel
Q What do I do if I want to pursue a Statutory Appeal?
A If you wish to exercise your right to appeal and request an Appeal Form please contact the Schools Admissions Officer at

If you have any further queries please email

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