Our Curriculum

The School Curriculum


Whilst we remain a selective School, we are also an Academy and as such our adherence to the national curriculum is optional. As you might expect however, we fully adhere to the national curriculum and the following sections illustrate that reality as well as inform you what your children can expect from the curricular offerings at Urmston Grammar.


The school operates with legacy Faculties and newly created Curriculum Areas and Departments, eight in total. Each individual Head of Department has a seat on the Academic Board of Urmston Grammar. Ultimately the model will evolve to one of Curriculum Areas (made up of Departments) and stand alone Department, where it is a large single subject such as Mathematics and English.

The eight areas are the: English Department, Mathematics Faculty, Science Curriculum Area, Modern Languages Faculty, Humanities Curriculum Area, Expressive Arts Curriculum Area, Social Sciences, Business Studies and Economics Curriculum Area and the Design and Technology Faculty.  


The curriculum remains organised around the Key Stages of learning:

  • Key Stage 3, our Lower School: Years 7, 8 & 9.
  • Key Stage 4, our Upper School: Years 10 & 11 studying for GCSE qualifications.
  • Key Stage 5, Our Sixth Form: Years 12 & 13 studying for AS and A2 advanced level GCE quailifications

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